After The End (After The End, #1) by Amy Plum ARC Review

After the End  - Amy Plum


Juneau is a teenaged girl who has believed for her entire life that World War III has ravaged the world and only herself and her "clan" have survived. <---This is the most interesting part of the story.

Juneau while fierce and strong is completely misguided by the lie that her entire clan has built around her. After returning from a hunting trip she discovers the entire town has vanished and so she sets off on a heroic adventure to find them. It is through her journey that she discovers the fallacies that have surrounded her for her entire life. She discovers that all she has ever known is a lie, and it completely changes her life.

While the initial idea of this novel is both unique and intriguing it just fell flat, really flat. After the initial excitement of the potential adventure wore off I found myself bored, like really bored. The story went nowhere. It dragged on and on for far too long and it never got interesting.

Juneau's journey to find her "clan" just went on for pages with no resolution. I felt myself waiting for this great "moment" that never happened. I'm pretty sure they (author, and publishers) left all that for the second book.

 I'm also questioning whether or not this book should even be shelved as dystopia. Dystopian novels tend to hold a sense of foreboding, and excitement that this book severely lacked. I don't know what went wrong but it just did.
I'm pretty disappointed too, because I really enjoyed Plum's previous series/saga 'The Revenants.' BUT, this one holds no place amongst those novels.
The relationships are pretty one dimensional and uninteresting. The romance was ill timed and blah. It was just...boring. It took me far too long to get through the book and it really wasn't worth it.